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Price $105,000
Location 3433 Jacona Dr, Jacksonville , FL, 32277
Property Details

Single Family Residence

  • Current Rent: $0
  • Square Footage: 1832
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2.0
  • Occupied: No
  • Lot Size:

My name is Dustin Rose and I'm the CEO of Cash Flow Links. I'm looking for additional private lenders for flips I'm doing in Florida. I just closed on this home and am looking to get cash out and close on more I've got tied up. I've worked with investors who have as little as $5,000 so don't hesitate to contact me and discuss options.

Attached are the appraisal report, rehab bid, home inspection and pest inspection.

Whether you want to lend on this property or see others I have coming up - I get an appraisal,  bid and inspections on each property before we make the final decision whether to go through with the closing or not.


Rehab bid-

Home inspection-

Pest inspection-

Please contact me for more information and if you're interested in being a private lender. For those who have never acted as a private lender I've attached a copy of a private mortgage I have on a current property in Florida for your review.

Have 5 more properties just like this coming down the pipeline. Will have official reports and appraisals dons on all of them- let me know if you're a private lender and are interested in lending or doing a JV.

Several new Projects coming in the next 2 weeks. Contact me for more details.

Looking for JV equity partners. I'm flexible. I can pay for rehab and holding costs if an investor wants to pay the purchase price and Hold the first deed.

Or if you have a smaller amount to invest and want to lend the rehab amount I can cover the purchase price and we can work and equity portion into the deal for you.

Or if you're looking to lend and just earn a home set return, contact me and we'll get your money to work.

1- Purchase Price- $69,900- Tampa Fl

     Rehab- $20,000

ARV- $120,000

2- Purchase Price- $59,900- Tampa FL

Rehab- $35,000

ARV- $135,000

3- Purchase Price- $62,000- Saint Petersburg FL

Rehab- $23,000

ARV- $130,000

4- Purchase Price- $220,000- Jacksonville FL

Rehab- $70,000

ARV- $430,000

5- Purchase Price- $40,000- Orange Park FL- Vacant lot to build 6 houses

Water, sewer, roads- $80,000

Cost to build each house - $125,000= $750,000

Sell each house for $ 200,000= 1.2 million

More properties coming soon as well. Contact me to get on our list or to be a partner in these deals.

Hi everyone. I just tied up 4 more properties. Looking for JV partners on these.

1- purchase price - $81,500

Rehab- $19,000

ARV- $130,000

Rent- $1,200

Looking for a JV partner to fund the purchase price and receive the first deed of trust. I will fund the rehab, holding costs and manage the project.

2- purchase price - $60,000

Rehab- $12,000

ARV- $99,000

Rent- $850

Looking for a JV partner to fund the purchase price and I will cover the rest of the projects costs.

3- purchase price - $249,000

Rehab- $22,000

ARV- $350,000

Looking for JV partner to fund 80% of the purchase price ($199,000) and I will cover all the other costs for the project.

4- purchase price - $82,000

Rehab- $20,000

ARV- $125,000

Rent- $1,200

Looking for JV partner to cover the purchase price and I will cover the rest of the costs.

Several more properties coming in the next 2 weeks. Going through due diligence on those now.

We purchased 10 properties doing Joint Ventures and utilizing private funds over the last few weeks through our marketing efforts. We have 3-4 deals a week right now that we're looking for partners on. Let me know if you're interested in doing a JV or lending your capital.

Hi everyone- I've got a new property that I'm looking for funding on. Address is 3521 Arch st Orlando FL 32808.

Purchase Price - 89k

Rehab- 20k

ARV- 145k ( appraisal is ordered so I should have it by Monday)

This could either be a Flip or long term hold. 

So I’ve got several properties under rehab that can use rehab funds and a couple of properties that look good that I’m doing due diligence on. Looking for partners or private lenders.

1 - Are you looking to invest a smaller portion ( 15-35k) and earn a flat fee plus interest?

2- Are you looking to partner on a deal and take part in the profit sharing?

3- Are you looking to lend capital and earn a set interest rate?

Contact me if interested and I will send you the available options along with the appraisal report, home inspection, pest inspection and rehab bid for the property.

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