JV positions available for multiple equity partners- Here's one

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Accredited Investors needed to fund the equity portion! Here is one in Los Angeles we are under contract to purchase. https://conta.cc/2ugtmm8

This is a very good neighborhood and the pictures online are terrible. I don't have better pics as we just picked it up. The house is VERY dated, but the bones look good and the comps are pretty strong.
We are looking for JV partner(s) to fund the equity position of $715k to split profits at 50/50 after resale. Min investment is $100k.  This is a Reg D 506(c) offering for accredited investors. Please reach out so we can go over the numbers in more detail. 

Updated over 1 year ago

This deal has been successfully funded. Thank you :) We have 2 beach properties for anyone interested in funding the equity position. (no hard money needed)

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