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I'm a newbie. I've identified  2 duplexes to purchase and need funding. Thank-you!

Hey Gary, I'm right here in  Grand Rapids, I sent you a message, I can help you get the funds you need

Hey Gary,

If it's a rehab, I can get you 100% of the rehab and up to 90% of the Purchase Price...

If it's a straight buy and hold, I can get up to 80% with interest starting in the 5's...

Hi Montrell,thanks for responding to my request. I was looking to get into rental investment when two duplexes were identified from my agent. One seller owns both of them. The offer right now is $240,000 for both. One of them needs a new roof and both need some small rehab. My agent put together an estimation. I can email it to you and would appreciate any insight you may have. I would like to put as little down as possible but I can put some down. 

Gary, maybe we can help, if you can send me an email address and phone number I's like to ask you a few questions.  Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss

Gary, if you are incorporated, have a LLC or if you are willing to start working as a business entity we can help. We set up business lines of credit allowing you to complete your projects fast. Please allow us to review your current projects and match you with one of our no Doc Stated income programs regardless of the business you are in.

Please call (225)238-3923 and/or visit:

We help tote the Note on acquisitions we manage and finance Nationally 

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