Military trying to flip in Norfolk

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I'm a US Navy Officer trying to flip properties in Norfolk, VA. I have lined up funding, and have been searching for deals. My line of work has proven difficult to coordinate the task, but I keep going. Finding potential properties has been a challenge, but I've found a few. Finding reliable contractors has been even more challenging. I've been considering partnering with someone who has both, and experience in the market here in Norfolk.

I have all of that and am also an officer in the Navy, on sea duty at that. Sure, it's essentially shore duty on a ship (RCOH for a CVN), but still. I have also been giving more hours to REI than to the Navy for the past year. Hit up connector extraordinaire @Melanie McDaniel .  She is a certified genie of networking who knows where the deals are, where the teams are, and how to hook all of us up together.  I'd certainly be interested in partnering up on a flip or two or ten with you, but you know to be super transparent, you really can do it yourself with the right connector like Melanie.  Contractors is actually the easy part with some good networking in place.  

Hit me up if you still want to partner up or just some steers in the right direction.  Happy hunting.

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