Hey BiggerPockets Community,

Kuba Fietkiewicz here, founder of REIkit.com online house flipping and wholesaling software, based out of Los Angeles.

Today I'll talk a little bit about two free tools on the site that will save you time and money. The first is the After Repair Value Calculator, and the second is the Comps Adjustment tool.

Like many new investors, when I first started to fix and flip and needed to find a property's After Repair Value, I used a spreadsheet to type up my comps and average their values using basic formulas.

However, my annoyance grew with having to save version after version of a spreadsheet, deleting rows and copying content, and having to manually update formulas over and over.

I created REIkit's online online adjusting the comps for features.

REIkit Analysis and Comps Adjustment

If you've ever experienced frustration with trying to find comps exactly like the subject property, you may know where I'm coming from.

It may have even occurred to you that if your subject property has a garage, shouldn't that mean your subject property is worth more than a comp without a garage? The answer is "Yes, absolutely."

It is absolutely crucial to compare, and adjust, for features like beds, baths, garages and pools before you commit to a deal.

Run an analysis on your potential deal instantly with the ARV Calculator and comps adjustment tools today:


Let me know how it works for you in the comments below or on chat at the site.



PS: Curious about our company? Thousands of real estate investors have used our software to evaluate over 100,000 deals. Join them in improving the efficiency of your deal due diligence, for more investments, and more profit!