Anthony Robbins New Book

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I just listened to Tim Ferris' podcast with Tony Robbins on his latest book which will be available on the 18th. Money-Master the Game, sounds like it might be the new "Rich Dad" for beginners and pros. Is anyone anticipating the release like myself? I am curious to see what his take on real estate is.

Doesn't seem like a whole lot of interest here. I got to the last couple of chapters and put it down. The book got really dry (and somewhat insulting) toward the end, and had a hard time keeping awake. I suppose I was seeking to find some reason NOT to use my old 401Ks to invest in more real estate. Didn't find it here! If anything it strengthened my suspicions that real, tangible, income producing, real estate is going to be the BEST way I can have the MOST control over the success of my financial future. However, I would recommend this book for anyone blindly throwing money at their 401k and no financial education at all. There are definitely some good info in this book...just not for me.

It was very heavy on 401K and how to invest, it was merely to bring attention to people who do not really have any thoughts on investing or where to start....

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