Solo 401(k) Provider

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@Justin Windham what would be the difference in going to those provider you mention or simply going online and using etrade, fidelity and etc? Do people save more money or something going through the provider rather the online sources?

I highly recommend Dmitriy at Sense Financial. I'm from Dallas but while I was in LA we had lunch and got to meet him. Great guy, outstanding service. Plus you get a discount if you're a member of bigger pockets. 

The difference is that Sense Financial specializes in helping their clients get set up right and provide continuing support throughout the year. You will get more attention from Sense Financial than the larger Etrade or other large brokerages. I recently did a transaction in my 401k account and SF support staff were their to assist and provide assistance.  

Account Closed

The providers you mention have documents which restrict your investment activity to only traditional assets that they offer and make commissions and fees from. You cannot use a Fidelity 401k to invest into products other than those offered by Fidelity, for instance.

Our Solo 401k documents (as well as those setup by other self-directed providers) allow for investment into any asset class such as real estate as well as investment with any brokerage.