Investing My Capex/Repair Budget

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Hello Everyone, So I’m about to close on my 4th property (3 duplexes, 1 SFH). Decent cashflow and I set aside a pretty significant amount for Capex/Repairs and don’t spend the cash flow (it sits in an emergency account). We are starting to build that up to about 20,000 or available funds for 4 buildings. That would cover a lot of emergencies, but I’m to the point where I’d rather at least earn something with my Capex/repair savings but have it fairly liquid so that if we get hit with a lot of repairs at one time I can easily withdrawal the money. Does anyone have any good suggestions for an investment account with low fees that I could park this money in? While still keeping my cash reserves separate of course.

Hard to answer with the info you gave, what is the time period you want to have this money invested for? If short term, cash is good. We just got reminded that markets can go down