Need tax accountant in Raleigh, NC

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I use Blackman & Sloop but they are accounting generalists, so would not be a fit here. I am interested in the answers to this thread as well.

“Hi James -
Thank you for the information you have provided. At this time it doesn't appear that we'd be a good fit for each other. Our focus is to add a tremendous amount of value to all the clients we work with and based on your current situation we have not discovered a way in which we can do that.”

@James Woolsey hmm that’s surprising. If you’re open to being remote you can message me. My guy is out of Houston. I think he’s very competitively priced for just filing taxes

Hi James,

Not sure if you've already found a good tax accountant.  I'm new to the Bigger Pockets forums, just got my first rental so I'm learning as much as I can.  That being said, I've been a real estate tax accountant my entire career.  I don't live in your area but the majority of my clients are not in my area.  I'd be happy to connect and talk about your situation free of charge.  It might be the right fit.

Take care,


@Troy Bailey 

Are you comfortable working with your CPA remotely? If so, you open yourself up to a larger pool of candidates.

There are 20+ CPAs and accountants on this site that specialize in real estate taxation. Reach out to a few and see who you like. 

Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.