I need a CPA (Florida-New York)

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I have 3 SFH rentals in St. Petersburg and I live in New York. I'm in the process of filing for an LLC in Florida. I need an Accountant who understands the tax laws in Florida and New York.

If anyone can make a recommendation, that would be great.

I know a great accountant in Boca Raton, FL. He practiced in NY for 9 years before opening a branch of the firm in FL. Joshua Hanover at Mark Paneth LLP, you can PM me for his direct contact. His main focus is Real Estate.

You should consider working with a CPA that has a team of people who can advise you on multi-state taxation issues since that is definitely something you need to consider.

@Francene Iaizzo

Florida does not have a state income tax so you are not required to file an individual income tax return with Florida.

As a NY Resident - you are required to report worldwide income which includes your rentals in Florida.

Will the LLC you create have one member or multiple members?
If it is a multi-member LLC - the LLC may be required to file a partnership return.