Getting money back through small claims court

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Hello, all mighty board. 

I have two individuals who owe me money. 

One loaned $3K with the title of their vehicle to be held as a collateral. We have loan contract and it was supposed to be a quick loan, however the person failed to continue to pay after they made second payment. 

Second person abandoned her lease and refuse to pay all  the amount required to cover the property damages at her house.(around $2K)

Off course both of these cases seem like dead beats, however both are employed on the good positions with the state. So once( and if) small claims court rules in my favor, I will contact their employers and set up a pay garnishment and have the money deducted on the monthly basis.   I was trying to find time to file small claims court report, however I don't have time and have million things going on. So Im looking for a possibility of hiring someone to file it for me and pay them for their services. This cost I will in-turn pass to the individuals who owe me money. 

However, from what I understand,  it will be difficult to find a lawyer with such a low amount.  Another option is the collection agency?

What are your thoughts?


I can't speak on behalf of your state but many states won't allow you to use an attorney in Small Claims court. Contact the court house and see what your options are. 

It would take less than 10 hours to file in Small Claims, appear in Small Claims, get the judgment, and then turn them over for collections. That's $500 an hour if you collected it all. Are you really too busy for that?