Owning a Electric Vehicle

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@Isaac Lozano welcome to BP. When we lived in Ca my wife had electric cars twice. Nissan Leaf both times. We never really noticed an increase in our PG&E bill but I'm sure the extra cost was there. She loved them. I can't help with Tesla-have not looked into them.

@Isaac Lozano

I could not recommend anything more than a Tesla. I have a model 3 and its amazing. You’ll feel like you’ve been driving a flip phone for your whole life and now you have an iphone.

Ive had mine for 2 years. Was spending $150/mo on gas and my electric bill on avg has gone up $30/mo.

Only maintenance Ive spent so far is to get my tires rotated. Its seriously the best. Charging at home and not going to a gas station is very underrated.