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Rats In Attic, Tenant Wants Repairs

Posted May 31 2022, 22:08

Hi All,

I have a tenant that moved in a month ago. She had a a security camera guy set up cameras on the house. while he was in the attic he told the tenant there was rats. We were already in the process of getting pest service and by now terminix already has traps set and we have sealed up all entry points. 

The terminix sales guy mentioned to the tenant that they can remove and replace the insulation in the attic to rid the place of all signs of rats but he told me that there isn't a need for that. Now the tenant is insisting on getting the insulation removed and replace which is $5000 to $7000.

My question: Is there any legal requirement to get the insulation replaced professionally? Is it a fair trade to remove rat poop on our own and spray our own disinfectant if the tenant wants?

Fresno, California

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