Sub30kclub: does anyone install entryway security cameras?

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Do you use video surveillance of your property? Why or why not?

I would think it would help protect the tenants as well as the landlord (you'd know who's coming and going and if there's trouble brewing at your property). I've found some cheap units for $150 that are self install and video record several seconds of footage when the motion sensor is activated. It could be installed in the entryway outside the tenants unit but would serve to record who is coming and going and when. Also, it'd ensure that no one else is living in your units and no pets.

Are you talking about doing this on a single family property or a multi family? I think that makes a huge difference as to whether it's appropriate or not.

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I put 5 cameras up in the common area at a 5 unit property I have that had some issues in the past. I don't monitor the cameras and the DVR is in a locked utility room at the property and I only review the video in the case of a problem. In the last year I've only looked at it once and that was for a tenant that had a bike stolen.

If you're monitoring entrances to units to track who is coming and going and and what times without any cause it really feels like an extreme invasion of privacy to me. I don't think it would be appropriate, it sounds like something the government would love to do though. If you're just looking to deter crime one thing I use on a lot of my low income rentals is a real looking dummy security camera. My tenants love them and they're cheap, I buy them for ~$7 on Amazon.