Purchasing property with section 8 tenant

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If we purchase this property, I do not prefer to remove the tenant, but I may have to. If that is the case, I've been told 3 months notice is all that is needed. Are there other complications for a section 8 tenant?


Don't know the answer but I would say that the lease with Section 8 would have that answer. You should get a copy of the lease and review it. Also know that CA has some of it's own requirement for notice of changes for long term tenants. You should read the law and know what it says rather than taking someone's word for it. When someone tells you something about the law, as where they got that, then track it down and see if they got it right. My experience is that about 60% of the time they have not idea where they got the idea and about half of the rest heard it from someone else. Few people know the law.

So far as I can research, if you buy a property with a section 8 tenant you cannot touch them until their lease runs out, even if you want to move in.

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In our area (Alabama) we use the same lease with the same rules for a Section 8 tenant or any other general tenant. The only difference is that the Housing Authority pays the rent as long as their rules are followed. The lease is just like any other in that it is a 1 year lease between the tenant and us as the owners. My lease has a 30 day right to terminate on sale that the housing authority hasn't said anything about. I would think you have the same rights and responsibilities as you would with any other tenant.