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I have a unit Ive started advertising to rent and I need to find out what is the best way to do a background check on applicants. Do I use a service? Is there one that people can recommend? Do I need to charge applicants a fee so that I an do the check? Ive read Brandons article on the topic and Im just trying to do a better job of following that advice.

There's a background check service here on bp.

I use

it cost 22.95 for the report I buy.

I charge the tenants an app fee to cover this cost.

You can use but beware no phone number, no business address, they say nationwide criminal search, which is a lie only law enforcement can run nationwide criminal search.

Joe Gore

I use buildium, as my property management software. They have a great application feel. It allows the tenants to pay for it directly. Otherwise I don't charge an "application" fee.

The easiest solution is to use transunion its around $25 for a credit/background report (does NOT include eviction search) and the applicant can pay the website directly for the cost of the reports (essentially their application fee)

As your needs grow, there are other services that combine online application, application fee collection, and screening into one somewhat seamless process. I use Buildium for this.

I use a background check service called I charge an application fee to cover the costs and then it's as simple as running their information through the site.

I appreciate the input from everyone. Ive got this page saved and Im going to try out each of the services mentioned and work from there.

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