Section 8 and wall anchors???

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Hi all

First off, I don't know the first thing about SECTION 8.

I have a client, we are looking at a property in a section 8 rental area.

However, the house has wall anchors and it's done by a reputable company etc. and has a 50 year guarantee. (banked owned, but I called the company and they have records)

Do you know if wall anchors will deter the SECTION 8 renters?

I know that section 8 has safety guidelines, is wall anchors one of them?

Thanks, property is in CITY of PITTSBURGH.

Jenn Lee

This will most certainly not deter section 8 renters. The inspectors that I've dealt with (Allegheny County, not COP) are all very reasonable, and if they have a concern, they will most certainly raise it. In my experience, they care they most about:

1) Door condition and door hardware

2) Smoke Detectors

3) That all 3 pronged electrical outlets me grounded

4) That the electrical panels are up to date

5) That no common area utility is paid for by a tenant (no hall lights on tenant electrical bills, etc.)

6) That all windows be able to be opened, and stay open (lift open 3-5 inches, and when you let go, it will stay in that position)

Hopefully this helps. If you have any other questions, you can always PM me.

Sorry, I also know very little about Sec 8, but the structural engineer in me is wondering: what do you mean by "wall anchors"? Is the property a masonry building that has been structurally retrofitted to anchor the walls to the roof and/or floor diaphragms? Are you talking about anchoring something to the walls?

I believe the wall anchors he is referring to involves foundation repair. Either keeping it from falling in think dead man, or from collapsing out.

hi all

Thx. As for the wall anchor, what Andy said.

Basement support, foundation repair.

Thanks again

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