Vancouver, Washington / Clark County ADU anyone?

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Hello BP,

Blind shot in the dark but has anyone in Vancouver, WA. / Clark County gone through permit process for an ADU (auxiliary dwelling unit)? If so, are you renting the ADU? Thank you for your time.

- Joe

Hi Joe,

I have a little experience in that I was trying to purchase a rental with an AUD unit on the site but learned I would not be able to legally rent it unless I lived in the primary house. Are you planning on building a new one on your primary? I know ADU units are much more common in Portland and the rules/permit process to be easier for rentals compared to Vancouver. Let me state though I am not up to date on the cities rules for ADUs. Curios to hear what you learn though.


@Chad D. ,

I see agents post listings with misleading descriptions stating the potential for duplex or ADU. I don't think they really know what that would entail or simply preying on ignorance. On my first property I considered converting the detached garage and/or the basement to an ADU. I did not due to permit requirements but mostly because I could not rent both out simultaneously. I was seeing if anyone has creating a legal ADU and rented both out. I know the county/city makes you sign a contract that you won't. I think it is to clear their liability encase of a accident or death. In that situation, I don't wont to be liable nor responsible myself.

We have a great ADU permitted in Vancouver that we rent for $900 per month plus utilities. We are also residents but when we sell we will pass the renter to the new resident. It also has a separate entrance to our house via a sound proof fire door in case the new owner wants a mother in law suite. Great concept but your right you cannot rent both legally. Jim Galligan

@Jim Galligan ,

Nice job! How much work did you put into the ADU (permitting, construction, time, etc..)?

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