Study on Dangerous Dog Breeds

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I am not validating its accuracy, just reporting the news :) I found this interesting as I didn't think of some of the breeds. Thought others might find it informative.

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I had two Dobermans at the same time, they were great!

A French poodle smothered an infant.

I had the Pitt Bull, 2 German Shepard's, 2 Cockers, German Shorthair, a few others including a Timber Wolf from a pup. The vet told me it was a wolf but registered her as a Shepard mix. None of the above ever bit anyone.

I had a White German Shepard, 130 pounds of mussel that attacked someone who walked in the back door, put his paws in their should pockets and walked them backwards, snapping in their face barking, out of the house across a 4 car driveway and put them down in the grass and got on top. Wife was running out calling him off. They weren't seriously hurt and they admitted they were wrong walking in.

Having a large dog, especially a Doberman or Shepard is like having a gun with a brain, the two Dobermans and one Shepard were trained, people could tell as I could give commands and they would mind, never any issues. The Shepard that attacked wasn't trained much at all, never got around to sending him off and didn't really need to, I thought. But he did do his job as I wasn't home at the time.

Had dogs all my life except sometimes overseas. One issue that was no issue.

In SFDs I allowed all kinds of dogs and never had an issue. The most damage I had in a unit was from a cat that clawed up the carpet in a closed room.

The dogs I allowed, Chows, Rott, Pitt, Shepard being the big ones not counting the various ankle biters, I met before the lease. A couple folks got turned down, the dogs were too aggressive and untrained, that's a no-go.

I know LLs just say no to pets, I think much of it is a bad rap on the dog by breed, insurance companies too.

Of the millions of dogs and people, I would have thought deaths would have been in the hundreds considering all the hype against some breeds, really, 17 or 18? How many people get injured or killed by alligators? Rattle snakes or copperheadedwatermocasins?

I'd say the risk is very low. And if that gun goes off inside as in my case, it's not going to be my problem. We have a guard agency that puts dogs inside businesses and consider the junkyard dogs at car lots or salvage yards.

I'd think I might have a greater liability by having a flimsy lock on a door if a tenant had a home invasion than if they had a dog inside that ate the intruder.

From the dog lover.... :)

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