Need help- property Managers I am using are dishonest

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I am in a desperate help. I had a house in which lived about 6 years. last year in August I moved to another house and decided to rent my previous property.

Since I am new to renting business, used property management company.

I have all sort of issues:

1) They told tenant that landlords will provide refrigerator, washer and dryer. We never mentioned about it and never was part of lease agreement.

2) tenant never paid on time

3) Every month i had some sort of repair cost

4) Within 6 months replaced the Dishwasher and microwave

5) tenant broke the lease without paying rent for 2 months and left the house in awful condition

I had to pay all the expenses out of my pocket.

My husband, it was previous tenants who were bad we should give 1 more chance to property managers:

Now renters are in the house:

1) I already received an expense of 190, they have not even stayed in this house for 1 month.

when you Property managers why all these repair charges, the start telling you all legal terms that the expense is less than $350, they can do it without asking us. they are telling they are not using cheap material from walmart. also mentioned I was living in a house half things were not working and they had to fix it. they are harassing us.

they are total crooks, I can prove these $190 expenses I am paying should come out of tenant expense.

I want to do legal case against them, please let me know how to proceed as I am tired of them.

Read about the 50% rule on this site.

Repairs happen, especially if the house isn't in new condition.

Your contract is negotiable with them, but you may have signed something authorizing them to do any repairs under $350.

I would review your contract and maybe fire the property management company and try it yourself.

I would go over your contract and expense reports with a fine toothed comb.

If you really think they are being dishonest, then get a new property manager.

Make sure you look over the entire contract.

Without reviewing the agreements seems as though your property is being mismanaged. However, repairs are normal and are the cost of doing business. Having a $350 minimum upon which do conduct repairs without having to first obtain owner consent is reasonable. Happy to review the agreements for you (I'm also a lawyer although we own an investment & property management firm too). Where is the property located?

Were the things they said not working when you lived there not working? What was the $190 expense that you think the tenants should pay for? What was the condition of the dishwasher and microwave when you lived there? As far as providing a refrigerator and washer and dryer, if it's not in the lease, then you don't have to provide it, that is pretty easy. As far as the tenants not paying on time, then you need to climb up the PM's butt about that and you should be having late fees enforced. Tenants will leave early and leave the place in horrible condition, welcome to rentals. Keep their deposits and maybe take them to court and get a judgment which isn't worth the paper its written on. Try screening better.

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a rental property owner.

Originally posted by @Brian Mathews :
... As far as providing a refrigerator and washer and dryer, if it's not in the lease, then you don't have to provide it, that is pretty easy. ...

I agree with this. But in some cases, all of the nearby rentals already include these items, so it can be tougher to get a good tenant when you are lacking something that the competition has. And maybe that is why the PM says you need these - but if your competition does not include these items, then the PM is causing you additional expense by saying you need these.

Thank You for all the responses.

Just as a clarification, the property is 7 years old. We lived in the house.

Everything was in good working condition.

previous renters deposit was $2600, PM used all that expense for fixing the repair and on top of that i had to pay another $2000.

This $190 is related to upgrade of blinds for 2 windows. When i questioned on the upgrade, they mentioned 2 windows never had blinds. I said lived in the house all the windows had blinds. However, they are blaming me. I will read the contract and lease agreement. I will fire them.. i thought there was legal implication if I break the contract

Check out your contract!! My property manager doesn't spend a dime without checking with me first and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's in our contract that any extra expense must be approved first. It keeps cost down and I also get copies of the receipts.

Originally posted by @Hl Bowling :


This $190 is related to upgrade of blinds for 2 windows. ...

That sounds like a rip-off. What kind of blinds were installed? Did you get before and after photos?

To me, it sounds like you need to get tough with your property manager. They're going to keep on saying you need to do more and more repairs. Also, you mentioned having to pay $2000 for a repair? Could you explain this more? It sounds like you are discussing multiple tenants. My property managers always get my approval and I have a change to do some repairs myself. Blinds cost $15 for a set of two inch blinds and could be installed in about 30 mins tops. You really got hosed on that "upgrade". Also, not sure if you would even be required to provide blinds. I have rented a place without a shower rod. One of those things that is nice to have in place, but the tenant had the chance to view the property and saw it didn't have them before they leased it.

Stop paying these fees to your property mismanager. Get tough, go in to their office and speak your mind to them. They wouldn't make any money if it weren't for home controllers like you. I say controller, not owner because, see who ultimately owns a house when you don't pay taxes. You can control a property as long as you pay your taxes, but do you ever really own it?

As every one suggested, I was just going through PM agreement. It is through Oct 31st 2015. It seems like I am stuck with them. I am going to their office

I want to terminate the contract, I do not trust them.

I am sick and tired of them. Any advice would help

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