Tenants being billed for trash pick-up through LADWP

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I own a duplex in the city of Los Angeles where I pay for sewer and water but the trash pick-up is billed directly to the tenants through LADWP. I was wonder if this is normal for the tenants to be billed directly for trash or should it be included in my LADWP water bill?

thank you for any help/ advice you may be able to provide

Water, Power and Sanitation are all three included on my residential bill...payable every two months.

LADWP bill that is.

I have stayed in small multiplexes where the landlord paid for water and sewer but the trash was billed to me by LADWP. So I guess it is normal in LA. The power and gas connections are in the tenants name.

Here in LA trash comes on the same bill as electricity for some reason... It was a surprise to us when our first tenant told us the same. I'm not sure if they can separate it for you.

Thank you all for your help

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