World's first personality test for screening tenants

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I'm looking for feedback to help improve a new service that I created.

[Disclaimer: this will be a commercial service from which I stand to benefit.]

I am an assessment scientist with a Ph.D. in Psychology specializing in the development of screening tools. My day job involves developing intelligence tests, personality tests, and integrity tests used by employers to screen employees.

As a landlord, I was annoyed that there were no similar psychology-based tools for landlords, especially given their utility and popularity in employment. So I created one: the world's first personality test for screening tenants.

The basic idea is that candidates take a short online survey. Landlords then receive results by email, or can view results online. Reports score candidates on a full range of behaviors, including:

  • payment-related behaviors
  • damage-related behaviors
  • neighborly behaviors
  • maintaining good relations with the landlord
  • housekeeping
  • avoiding illicit activities
  • vacating behaviors

After years of scientific development and validation, I'm just starting to release a beta version. Is there anyone here who might be willing to try the tool and provide feedback useful for improvement? Note that because the tool is in beta, some room for improvement is expected.

A free account lets you screen up to 5 people per year. That should be sufficient for anyone here who is willing to try the service and, I hope, enough to provide useful feedback.

Here's the URL:

Any thoughts you have are much appreciated!

@Rhys Lewis  - I think this could be a great idea.  What is the invitation code?

Thanks, Brianna!

You can create a free account at

No invitation code necessary :)

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