mailing monthly billing statement to tenants

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We are going to start billing new tenants for water usage (obviously by putting in the lease, units are individually metered). Does anyone mail monthly bills to their tenants for things like water?

If so, do you include the rent amount as well? I was thinking of mailing one bill with rent + water + anything additional that would be the tenants responsibility (ie: municipal fine for not doing snow removal).

My concern is, I'm concerned if the tenant looses the bill, they may not pay rent since they currently just mail their rent payment. Does anyone have experience with sending monthly bills to tenants for water? Do you include rent on it as well or just bill seperate for water?

why not just make the payments online if you are concerned about your tenants losing your bill?

@Michael Lee  - we don't have very many rentals and we know that at least one does not have internet access.  Very good point though about online.  Do you have a good online system you recommend to use?

I would not mix rent with any other charges.  Won't your utility bill the user with you still controlling the account? 

@Bob Bowling - not for water, everything else they do.  We currently just pay all the water and include it in rent but we had a $500 water bill with a tenant who used a lot of water last quarter so we are going to start passing it along when we get new tenants.

Think about using Venmo or even Google Wallet.

@John K.,

If you are going to charge for water make sure you have each unit meter for the water.

Joe Gore

Do you have multifamily property or just single family? I know that many multifamily property management companies use utility management and billing services. The company handles the billing and I believe the fee for their service is actually passed onto the tenant (a few dollars). It saves you the headache of managing and billing the tenant. 

If you're interested, I can recommend a company that has experience with small properties (under 100 units) as well as large. 

Why would a tenant pay for you to send them a bill?

Joe Gore

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