Section 8: Require Tenants to Mow?

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Can you require a Section 8 tenant to mow their own lawn? If so, what are the odds they do it? If you can't require this, can you bump up the rent at all to include it, or is this simply a "cost of doing business?"

I have Section 8 renters and they mow the yard, and maintain it-it's in the rental contract I used.

There isn't a sprinkler system so they need to water it too. Haven't had any problems other than with tenants that have med-large dogs that made tracks around the yard where they tread, plus grass burn from their urine. I suggest a no pet policy.

BTW I leave a lawn mower in garage for tenants to use, if they don't have one. ( They probably won't go out and buy one right away after forking over the limited cash they have for deposit) You can find deals on mowers at garage sales & Wal-mart is good too for a low cost mower.

@Mark S. Here is part of my rental contracts that has wording for yard maintenance. It is placed under the Property Management Section with the box checked for: Tenant, at Tenant's expense, will maintain the yard.

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@Melissa Moore , thanks for sharing. That's great to know you can require that. I'm told that not allowing pets in the particular area I'm looking at will discourage a lot of applicants. I need to think more on this. Thanks, again, for posting.