Should I install garbage disposal - for 50k rental SF?

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I am rehabbing one house (3 BR with 1.5 bath - 1050 sq ft) and total price will be around 50k. My question is, is it good to install garbage disposal for this house? House is in ok area and may be it will get rented for section 8. I am hoping that it will rent for $900 per month. 

Hey, good question. Two part answer for you:

1 - be competitive. You need to keep up with your local market. Do they have disposals in their SFH?

2 - add components to meet your long term goals. If you plan to hold the home for a while then install a really good disposal and train your tenants how to use it.

Best to you

No.  Just another thing that can break.  Try to tenant proof the house.  The difference between renting the house and not will not be the garbage disposal.

It's very cheap. If you want it, why not if you think it will help rent it?

Just want to mention to be sure you are on the city sewer system if you decide to install it. For many reason you should never install a garbage disposal on a house with a septic system. If interested I will get you more info. 


If this is a good area and most homes have disposals, this is a good idea. We just bought a new rental that had a disposal broken and we installed a good disposal. Our rental contract is very clear about tenant's responsibility for breakages. If it is due to carelessness or misuse, they have to pay for repairs/ replacements themselves. We repeat this to our new tenants when when we sign the lease.

For a 50K house, I wouldn't.  Garbage disposals seem to break more than any other part of the house (save floors/paint) and are always more expensive than I expect.

If a tenant or prospective tenant asked for one, I'd consider it.  Or if they are common or you were in a higher price point, maybe.  But for a 50K house, I wouldn't put one in proactively.

I agree with @Jeremiah B.  I wouldn't put one in either.  

 - garbage disposals are a pain in the a$$  - you're not really supposed to put much food down them at any one time - they're prone to clogging up and they are NASTY to clean out.  (I clogged ours three times before my husband laid down the law and said if I used it again, I'd be cleaning it out myself... )

I always recommend to homeowners not to install them. Like others have said, it's just one more thing to break.

Thanks everybody for the good advice. Reading all these reply, I am not going to install garbage disposal in my 50k SFH.

Thanks again.

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