where to send Itemized list of damages?

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Hello again 

One of my tenants moved out and really did alot of damage and was wondering where I should sent the certified letter of the itemized damages since they will not give me there current/new address. Should I just send it to the property address even though they are not there? 


Nate, this happens to us all the time, even with our better tenants.  Send it to the property address with a note "PLEASE FORWARD".  We don't send ours certified (not required by our tenant landlord law), so we often find them in the mailbox later; we just file the postmarked unopened letters with our other documentation.  If they owe you money, turn them into collections; the collection agency has better tools to track them down.  If you are including a check to them, it will eventually go stale if they don't turn up.  Our rental agreement says "Refund checks void if not cashed or deposited within 90 days."

When you send your itemized list of damages make sure you include what it will cost to put everything back the way it was and let someone's license do the work, just in case they sue you because they might dispute the work saying they can find someone that is cheaper and do the same work. We see it here in Dallas a lot landlords jacking the repair cost.

Joe Gore

@Jimmy S.  

In Florida, the landlord has 30 days to notify the tenant and it must be send certified mail to the last known address. If the tenant does not object in 15 days, landlord can deduct the amount of damages of the property with an itemized list of damage, company name, etc., sign and dated by the contractor, who estimated the damages. I agree with @Joe Gore get a licensed # !

Take pictures for your records! 

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