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I have a rental property with a tenant living in  property an the house has been broken into twice. I spoke with the police about the problem they stated that its the people living next door to my property who the think is doing this home robbery. The house has an alarm on it. The fist time the house got broken into they didn't know the house is equip the alarm system. The next time they back to the house the robber pull the meter out the meter socket trying to kill the power to alarm system put the system is equip with back up battery.

My question is how can I make this property more safer for my tenanted?

I were think about installing burglary bars but  that is a fire hazard?

So any help or advice from my family an friend on BP I would love to know what I should do to make them feel safer.

Hey I have never had this problem but I'll see if I can help. The first thing I would assume is that these are happening during the nighttime. I would install outside lights first and foremost and not the motion ones the timer ones. From dusk to sunrise you want light around a property that I'm assuming is in a bad neighborhood. Installing a quality fence stronger doors etc....your not trying to make it Fort Knox but rather not worth the trouble. 

@Philip Williams  Yes it is happen doing the nighttime or early in the morning when the tenant is not home. They are not coming thru the doors they are crowing in  thru the windows an trying to take the stolen items out the front door but the motion sensor activates the alarm. That's what I am trying to secure in the house. The windows has the kind of locks that you can jus push in.

I agree with @Philip Williams  night lighting is the first step. From there I'd post some "you're on camera" signs but not install cameras.

Basically you want to steal some moves from "The Art of War" and beat  your enemy before they start their attack.

Also make sure the property stays litter free and groomed. This will start a domino effect that creates multiple layers of crime deterrents for your rental.

Best to you, stay in the game and wear these folks down.

ok thanks for the info I'll be doing using Philips & AL's advice on this property. thanks guys for all your help..

(Question) Should I be reasonable for replacing the items that were taken form the property as a landlord?

@Markus March  Without knowing your lease or local laws, I'd say it's very unlikely you are responsible for the stolen property.  Recommend you require your tenants to obtain "renters insurance" in the future.  It is usually pretty cheap...perhaps $10 to $15 per month.

OK!! This is my first property an I am just trying to learn the does & don't of rental property. I have plans to purchase more properties within the next few months.

Get some of those fake cc tv cameras that have a blinking light 5 hat makes them look like they are always recording.  Under $20 each. .. I think

Think about your landscaping.  Our local police recommend planting bushes with thorns under windows, such as rose bushes or cactus, as a deterrent.   They also recommend the 3 foot/6 foot rule.... keep shrubs no higher than 3 feet and trim branches off trees from the ground up to six feet, so they are harder to hide behind.  Keep the grass mowed and landscaping in good shape.

Also, we bought a wildlife camera for $100 on Amazon and position it where we want to watch activity.  It uses an SD card.  It films on motion.  Must secure it or hide it so it doesn't get stolen, but it is amazing what activity you can pick up on with this simple gadget.

Thanks every one for the information on my burglary problem I am having with my property.

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