Give 30 days notice, or start eviction? (IL)

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I purchased a fully occupied 4 unit in the end of April.  One of the tenants has been late with every payment, and now owes for July, plus $45 remaining for June rent.  The tenant is month to month, and I want them gone.  

I served them with a 5 day pay or quit last Monday, so I can go to the courthouse tomorrow to start the eviction.  OR... I was thinking about waiting to see if I will be paid for July this week, and then giving them 30 day notice to vacate on 7/31.  

I have not had problems with tenants I have screened, and have never been through the eviction process.  Thoughts, comments, and suggestions welcome.

@Trevor K.  this is not a matter of opinion, its a matter of law.  The laws in your area dictate the process of eviction.  Eviction solves this problem. 

In your first paragraph you said "I want them gone."  Then in the second you said "I was thinking about waiting ... giving them 30 day notice ..." - you think long, you think wrong.  I would go with your first thought on how to handle this tenant.  Or you can continue dealing with their bad habits.  That's up to you.

I just finished reading "The ABCs of Property Management" by Ken McElroy and I've been recommending it a lot.  There's a story about a tenant with payment habits like this in that book.  You should check it out, if you haven't already.

You are right.  Looks like I am off to the courthouse in the morning.

If your gonna strike then strike. I let my attorney handle my evictions. Me also in burbs. Good luck.

I had a tenant that we both agreed would be let out of her lease a month early, as she was having trouble paying. That last month, she didn't pay on the 1st. She said she would pay on the 3rd, then the 7th. I notified her that she couldn't use her security deposit as the last month's rent, which seemed like what she was doing, and she acknowledged she wouldn't. On the 7th, she said she would pay on the 14th. 

On the 7th, I served the Pay or Quit notice. She was evicted in about 30 days (in FL). Had I waited to see if she left on her own, she very likely would have used the actual last month of her lease to stay and not pay. I would have been out 2 months rent.

If a tenant doesn't pay the rent on time or in full when they are expecting to continue living in a property, they certainly won't pay it when you give them notice to leave. Start the eviction.

@Robert Leonard , great quote! "you think long, you think wrong"

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