HELP! Moral Dilemma!

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Hi BPers,

I came across a last minute snag related to renting to someone that I am not sure how to handle.  I had a guy come by to rent a condo of mine who filled out the application.  I ran the typical criminal, eviction, and credit checks that I usually do.  I thought it a bit odd that this guy (a professional, not a young kid) didn't have enough credit history for me to get a credit grade for him, but sometimes that happens.  So, although I thought it was odd, I didn't disqualify him for it as he was still more qualified than the other applicants.

Anyway, we went through the lease signing earlier this week where he gave me the deposit and tonight I was going to hand over the keys and he was going to pay the pro-rated rent for July.  All sounds reasonable so far, I guess?

Here is where it gets weird.

I got a text from his wife last night telling me that the SSN that he gave me on the app was wrong and that he transposed a couple of the numbers.  That would explain why I didn't get an accurate credit history.  

So, now I am kind of stuck in a dilemma.  His wife wanted me to have truthful information, but she doesn't want to get turned in that she told me this.  The only information that I have from him is the SSN that he gave me.  Can I run my checks again with this new, ill-gotten information?  I do have a clause in the application that says willingly giving false information invalidates any agreements that we have, but again the information was somewhat ill-gotten and his full SSN isn't something I could have just researched and figured out myself.  

Do I have an out here?  If so, how can I get out without potentially implicating the wife?

First, I always sign the lease and exchange money for keys all at the same time.

Not sure why you consider this "ill gotten".  Yes, I would re-run the check with the correct SSN. 

What does the wife realistically expect you to do?

Didn't the credit check give you a name?

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