Rodent activity: which option to go with?

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Hello guys!

The pest control confirmed rodent activity at our building (San Diego, CA), and recommended 2 options:

1. To set up bait boxes to service, and quoted us 35$ every other month, and this would be an ONGOING service.

2. Replace all 5 garage doors (the building is old (built in 1960), it's a Duplex with 2 units on 2nd floor and 5 garages and a laundry room on 1st floor) which can be expensive.

Have you had this problem and how did you deal with it? I think 35$ every other month is a reasonable offer vs replacing all 5 garage doors, it's just unsettling to think this will be going on for who knows how long...


The first option.   Then the second option.   

Fact of the matter is this is an investment.  In order to keep this long term you will eventually have to make the investment into your building and update it.  Not only that, you will run it to other problems issues in the future.    I know its painful, but it is necessary if you are going to keep it long term.   

Put out a word here on Bigger Pockets.  See you you an find a trusted rehabber who will give you some solid pricing.   

Good Luck to you

What type of rodent? I'd say they'd have to be pretty amazing garage doors to keep out, say, mice -- because those little buggers can get in through the tiniest of openings. 

You may have to do some trapping, but isn't there some repellant that can be used as well? Just baiting them seems to me like it would draw more. 

I have only dealt with mice once, and all it took was a short time of trapping, a thorough cleaning of any nesting areas that we found, and a few months of repelling to keep them from coming back. (We used actually used peppermint oil as a repellant- worked great, and smells good too. At least to us humans... not so much to the mice, I guess)

Are the rodents getting into the house because the garage doors are old and can't provide a right enough seal? Personally I am a fan of fixing the problem rather constantly spend money to alleviate the symptoms. If the only consequence was pests than $35 is muh cheaper. On the other hand if the doors are old and slowly failing your costs to fix te symptom is probably just going to get worse!

Agree with @Gerald Harris  . For the future of your investment, sounds like you need to eventually replace doors anyway. 

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