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If a landlord would like to raise the rent on his property how would he word the letter that he will be sending to the tenant to inform them that rent will be raise. Also how days notice should the landlord give the tenant so they will know the their rent will be raise.

@Baker No it has not been a year it's only been one month

Why are you trying to raise the rent after only 1 month? Are you trying to get the current tenants out? Is the rent currently below going market value?

I'm not positive, but if you currently have a year lease with the tenant, I don't believe it's lawful to increase the rent before the 12 months are up.

Yes I am trying to put the current tenant out. But if I can't it will be ok I'll just deal with for a year hopefully she move on her own.

@Rudolf  Yes I am trying to put the tenant out

@Markus March ,

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@Markus March

Going forward, I would put a rent escalator clause in the contract. That way, every X period you can raise the rent by X% without further reason. I don't currently do this today, but I read it in an investment book recently and thought it was a great idea.

So if you are trying to put the tenant out why are you sending them a notice to raise rent as opposed to a notice to terminate their tenancy?

@Markus March  As @Chris K.  suggested, may be best policy to give 30 day notice to vacate vs trying to raise rent to get tenant to vacate.  At this point it would be wise to look at your lease, screening procedure, and policies...as it appears there was not a proper meeting of the minds when the rental relationship was started.

Originally posted by @Markus March :

@Rudolf  Yes I am trying to put the tenant out

 Hey Markus, if your main purpose is to get the tenant out, there may be other options to do so other than raising rent, especilly it can be seen unreasonable given that you are so early into the lease...

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