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Recently acquired a rental unit with a long term tenant. After a 60 day trial period of improvements and a rental increase i've agreed to allow the tenant to stay. The Tenant would like to replace the carpet which is perfectly fine with me. However I'd like to get something in writing that specifies the work, states that no credits will be given towards the security depots or rent, tenant is liable for any damages that occur, etc. I've been searching for a letter that would cover all the legal things like 'tenant improvements' but haven't come up with anything. So if anyone has one or can suggest where to get one i would appreciate at.



I've not seen such a letter and personally I'd be a little careful with what you put in writing on this. Once you put it in writing you are now in the know and to a certain extent liable. I would think that if anyone should have something in writing it would be the tenant, not the landlord. Just my opinion and I'm no attorney!

Just make sure you know who is doing the work and that they got paid. And that they have workers comp. You don't need a lawsuit, or find a mechanics lien on the house because the tenants never actually paid for the work.

I've got a form for tenant-funded property upgrades but I've yet to use it and see now it needs some work. I wouldn't allow my tenants to do the work but I'll let them pay for my handyman to do the work. Can you go that route or at least split the cost of the upgrade with him?

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