rules and guidelines for new tenants and appliance information pamplet

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I am thinking of putting a loose leaf binder together for new tenants with a copy of the appliance pamplet and a copy of rules for the building. Does anyone know where one could go find something like that or does anyone have a copy of something they are using that I could get some ideas from . This is a 6 unit bldg that we rehabbed totally like new.

I do 2 things:

1) I make a copy and leave it near each appliance. 90% of the time it's still there when they leave. I also have new tenants sign a copy of the building rules. In addition to the boiler plate rules, I have a specific set of rules for each property based on it's quirks/features.

2) Since I have PDF copy of everything, I also email a link to a dropbox file with all the documents to that property & their lease for their reference (rental agreement, house rules, utility info, appliance info, etc). I list everything in the email so it's easily searchable later for them. When a new tenant comes, I create a new folder to share, copy docs over and paste the text from the last email.

The one time I got asked about it (garbage schedule), I forwarded the email again saying it was there along with a whole bunch of other information. So far, each tenant as appreciated the digital versions.

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I have a binder in each rental with contact info and all of the pamphlets that came with the appliances and smoke detectors, in addition with directions with pictures on how to change the furnace filter and how to shut off the water to the entire house in case of water emergency.