Who here has a Buildium Account??

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Hi everyone,

Prior to officially joining Biggerpockets I have been a lurker on this site for quite sometime now and I am incredibly grateful for the information and the members that share it with us all. Even though I haven't directly participated I sure feel like I know some of you in that the posts you share are giving me an idea of your personality in person. Overall, it is my time now to start giving back and I've decided to make my first post as my real estate investment company is expanding and I'm in need to do away with the ol'e spreadsheet and wordpad and startif  with a real management software. I really enjoy the online presence of managing our properties and allowing other managers to have access to an online platform right in the comfort of their home or office. I've done quite some research and found that Buildium seems to be right up my alley at this time frame to join and I noticed that they have a September 2014 special that after you try the trial you can join and if you are referred by a Buildium member that member will get a $100 Amazon gift card for referring and I will get a 100% credit for the setup fee to accept online payments from our tenants so its certainly a win win for all. Who wants to refer us and receive that credit? 

Also, look out soon I will be posting an introduction about myself if anyone is interested in getting to know me better :) 



Originally posted by @Ryan Swan:

Hey @Gabriel Falk I sent you a private message for the referral....cheers!

Wonderful! thanks Ryan :)

Great Speed LOL! Too bad I looked away from the screen or I would have referred you!

Thanks for the welcome!

I hope to provide a lot of insight and wisdom to the site and continue to learn but most of all build relationships with you all :) 

i can as well.  Although, Ive already got one referral so I'll share the love.

Another company trying to get their hands in my pocket. $40/mo, $99 setup plus other fees?

No thanks.

And after watching the promo video, I'm not impressed.

Not for the smaller investor.

Originally posted by @Arnie Guida:

Another company trying to get their hands in my pocket. $40/mo, $99 setup plus other fees?

No thanks.

And after watching the promo video, I'm not impressed.

Not for the smaller investor.

 Yea, the $40 per month is pretty steep if you don't have a huge number of properties.  The $99 setup fee isn't too bad considering its a one time fee, but some of the tenants appreciate the online payment abilities.

I'd agree, for most small investors there may not be a huge value, but personally I really like the service and the organizational features.  

Originally posted by @Dawn Brenengen :

Awesome special!  If anyone else needs a referral, I'd love to give one.  After all, there are a TON of things I could buy on Amazon!

 Please send me invite as well.. Thank you!

Just wanted to give you all an update... 

We STILL use Buildium to this day and LOVE IT!! this is a company that is striving to be better and I see them making updates and adding new features all the time and its taking the direction of property management to an amazing journey of simplistic automation and less overall work load! can't say enough of how great of a company they are.... 

If anyone is interested in joining I'd be happy to provide a referral. I believe right now Buildium is offering $50 credit if you join and we get $50 credit too! I'll just need the full name registering the account and the email address and I'll submit the information to them to get referral credit. Super easy! :)

I have been paying for Buildium for months. It took quite a while to move my data from Propertyware to Buildium. We made the switch because Propertyware asked for more money for each additional service while we have under 50 buildings to manage. I was promised technical support from Buildium. Its just not there. The screens are not intuitive and Buildium does not define their data points well so it is very difficult to move data from another software because so many of the data points are ill defined.

Support line wait time is in excess of 30 minutes. After waiting 15 minutes I'm asked to give a callback number. (why wasn't I given that option BEFORE waiting 15 minutes?) I finally get a callback but have moved on to other work and have to get back to my question

My ledger started each property with thousands in debt even though my ledgers were balanced and there was not debt for any property at the time. Buildium support told me that they did not know where Buildium generated this random "rent income" start date. Meanwhile the back-ground noise in the call center drowned out the conversation so much that I could not hear the person I was speaking with and could barely hear my own thoughts. For whatever reason, the call was disconnected THREE times.

When I told the support staff employee "Cam" these issues he recommended that I cancel the service

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