Vacation Rental Agreement?

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Hello, all! I'm looking to break into the Vacation Rental market next summer, and wondered if anybody might have a sample VR Agreement they would be willing to share? Thanks!

@Craig Garrow has one that you can build the way you want, and it is state-specific. Not sure how much it costs, but once you get it, you could use it as your template.

Here's another from RocketLawyer, It says it's free and looks like you can choose your state:

Here is an article on how to write one:

I didn't notice any in the BiggerPockets FilePlace which surprises me. I have one that I got from my property manager, but I am pretty sure that they are state-specific and certain terms need to be in there. Will you be using a property manager? Maybe they can get you one that they use? As a matter of fact, our property manager handled all of the setup of the vacation rental, from registering the business name with the state, setting up to collect and submit sales and lodging tax, informs us of any changes in the laws, etc. He made the process very easy for us.

Hope this helps!

@Beth L. -- Thank you for this!  I am actually a Property Manager myself.  I noticed the template on ezlandlordforms, I just tend to shy away from the "standard" forms and like to see what everybody that has more experience than me has to offer.  I appreciate all of this very much!!

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