Storing Items in Garages of Apartments

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Hello everyone!

I am new to BP, and this is my first post!  Just a quick introduction - I am a commercial real estate agent here in LA and I specialize in multifamily investment sales!  I am also an onsite manager of a 24 unit building, and that is what this post pertains to.  

My question is for the landlords - how can I enforce the "no storing personal items in the parking garage" rule?  Tenants have started storing personal items in the garages around vehicles.  I know this violates safety codes and such, but how can I enforce this?  I have given them a deadline to remove personal items by the end of this month, but I'm wondering how I can enforce the ones who tend to ignore my requests?  Can I pack it up and donate it all?  Fine them?  

Anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Allison. Welcome to BP! I would imagine that your lease has a clause that requires tenants to abide by local ordinances and the like. In that case, issue a cure or quit notice referencing this lease clause and the corresponding safety code and or ordinance. If no clause is in place or it would be too much of a steetch then introduce a new clause (rule) toyour lease if your lease permits such a thing. Mine does long as it does not materially affect the rights of my tenants but takes 2 weeks to take effect unless earlier approved andagreed to. 

Thanks, Kyle!!  Surprisingly, there is nothing in the current leases that states this.  I have a handful of tenants that tend to test the rules, so I have to truly enforce it in some manner. Thanks for your help.

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