Real estate attorney in CT

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I'm in search of a good real estate attorney in Ct.  Looking for one who has experience in land lord tenant law.  ( eviction). Yes, unfortunately I need to evict a tenent and my current attorney who I haven't used in a while retired.  Also, any suggestions on the eviction process in CT.  

Thank in advance for any help

@Jonathan Cubeta if you have difficulty finding an attorney, I would suggest taking a couple of hours and going down to the court that handles the evictions in your jurisdiction. There are usually several attorneys there handling evictions for their clients. You should be able to watch them and hire one on the spot ( the court calendar will also list their names/ firm names). For landlord/tenant issues there are mediators that both parties must discuss their issues with before seeing a judge. The hope is that the issues can be amicably resolved. Not certain but you might be able to obtain an atty referral from a mediator ( some eviction attorneys are regular faces).

In my case, I learned quite a bit about the eviction process in CT and handle all of them myself. PM me if you want to talk.