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My 20 year old disabled son purchased a 3/1  for $30,000  in the middle of September.  We have been helping him to refurbish it [ thank God for youtube tutorials]  and having an incredibly fun time doing so.

The problem is the one third acre backyard [front yard is xeriscaped] The property was originally 4 lots, and though I have no idea whether there were other primary homes on the land, there have obviously been many outbuildings with concrete foundations over the years. concrete is still protruding from the ground.

I think that children running in the backyard could potentially trip while running in the yard. We do not want kids hurt OR lawsuits.  It would cost a mint to have these professionally removed. We do not have access to that much money.

We do not know what to do.  We have considered fencing ,dividing the backyard so that none [or few] of these are in the rental yard.  We have also discussed dumping dirt over them. We have also discussed adding further cement over protrusions so that they are more sloped [less dangerous] and then adding a bit of dirt over. 

Can you all PLEASE offer some input because we do not know what to do.

Do you have a picture? I'd probably take a sledge hammer to it or build a storage shed on the foundation

Thank you so much! there is not just one foundation [5] but I love the sledge hammer idea! And if there is remaining cement that is under the ground that we cannot dig up, then we can add dirt on top! I have been stressing about this big-time and did not even consider that option. I am an old sick lady and my son cannot probably handle it, but I have some super strong grandsons who would help.

What type of protective gear should they be wearing?

Thanks again!

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