Tenant Screening

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Hey BP!

I recently started doing background and credit checks. I read in other posts that mysmartmove.com was good, so I tried it and I like it. But I also read several times that background checks can not be done on a national level, only local...

Can someone shed some light on that?

Its pretty important seeing my potential tenant is moving from out of state.

Thanks in advance

I use http://www.myrental.com and they do multistate searches  

Depending on the state you can also search the court records there yourself online.  

@Bryan N.  

Thanks for the info, the court records is something I never considered. 

@Tony Reyes   I'm actually going through a similar process myself, and your post couldn't have come at a better time. I do however, see on smartmove.com, that they list National Criminal Background check. So I'm a bit confused as to why they would only do local or state. Also, I just got off the phone w/ Core Logic and they use Trans Union as well for credit reporting.

Not negating anything that others have mentioned. Just want to know what really makes one better than the other so I can make an informed decision.

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