Advice on evicting a Section 8 tenant

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I have a section 8 tenant for the last 5 years.  Each year she get worse.  This year when the annual inspection came, I told her I will not fix all those things to pass, this year her boys got older and wrecked most of the house.  I gave her a 30 day notice to vacate.

That was 3 months ago.  During that time frame, she has not gotten the RFTA or found a new place to move to.  SHRA stop paying as of 10/01/14.  She also broke most of the time.  She just sleeping most of the time I go visit, and she always changing cell #.  How do I get her motivated to move?  What time frame does she have after the contract expires?

I was told by an attorney that because I did not fix those thing that were on my side for the annual inspection, that I may not be able to evict her?  It was my fault that she is no longer in contract?  Should I start the eviction process? cash for keys?

Any advice to a solution would be greatly appreciated!

@Peter Chu  

How come you didn't file for eviction immediately after the contract expired and she didn't move? Did you report to the Section 8 office that the tenant broke the things that were not working in the unit? Were you present for the inspection?

@Peter Chu   Try Gary Link.

He has spoken at the local REIA's here as well as The Learning Exchange on Howe Ave in Sacramento.

I've never used him (yet) but I've heard him speak and he's very informative.


Start an eviction and get her out. Contact her Sec 8 worker and explain the situation. Most likely she will be kicked off the Sec 8. Don't fall that she will give you the keys herself.

We stopped excepting Sec 8 2 years ago and our R&M expenses decreased from 18% of total rent to 9%, which increased the net income by almost 30%

Hi Dawn, 

Due to a full time job I started a year ago, I was not able to attend the inspection.  The inspection cam back basically wanting a new house.  Its never been this bad, she has two younger boys with some issues and she has a 12 month baby girl.  I did not file right away because she been living there 5 years, so I gave her extra time.

I figure she be happy to move and find a new clean place, but it seems like shes broke all the time.  I did not report to the shra because, I do not want to be the person or reason to get her kicked off of her voucher.  She a single mom w/ young kids.

Mark Thank You for the link, appreciate it!!!

Pavel I agree!!!, she will be my last section 8 tenant.  When she is out I plan to rehab and list.

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