Harassment from HOA due to racism

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I recently rented out my property to a minority family. Since this family moved in (about 6 months ago), I've received several notices (probably about 4 or 5) from the HOA regarding convenant restriction violations for issues such as leaving the trash can on the driveway. The last notification was via certified mail and mentioned that the issue could be referred to an attorney. Before this family moved in, it was rented to to another family (non-minority) for 2 years without me receiving any notices. Before then, I lived in the house for 5+ years and I may have received one notice in all that time. I believe the HOA is targeting and harassing me due to racism (because the family is a minority) and trying to find any little thing that is out of order. (I know I've left the trash can on the driveway before and didn't have any issues). How should I handle this?

Is it racism, or is it possible the HOA changed inspectors and violations are actually being enforced now?

I doubt HOA has time to do vendetta against a particular family. I'd say look at other reasons as well as this may be a case of observations not necessarily be the causation. Have you talked to tenants - aren't they supposed to be responsible for these units?

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