Tenant Claims Landlord is Stealing from Her

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I bought a duplex to live in (downstairs) and rent (upstairs).  I inherited a lease / tenant who has been here 20 years. She is essentially a hoarder and extremely suspicious.  I intended to ride out her lease (3 months now remaining) and not renew.  Major concern is that she routinely accuses me of stealing things from her.  She claims I have taken everything from a piece of wood to a laundry basket of her daughters bluejeans from 25 years ago.  The fact is I have never and would never take things. I do however abhor the mess.  What can I do to protect myself from the false accusations?  

There is probably nothing you can do to keep her from accusing you. But, you should document everything she says and does. This way, if it goes anywhere, you can show the police or whoever what crazy things she has been saying and doing. 

I have a feeling you are going to have a tough time getting her out of there. Be sure to check your state laws on how much notice you have to give her, etc. Good luck!


Thanks so much for your input.  This is difficult and your comments do help.


@Christine N.   This is a difficult situation Christine.  I agree with Account Closed And think her comment is worthy of your thought. People that have a hoarding problem can be very difficult to work with because there is an underlying problem that feeds the hoarding. Unless they receive professional treatment they unfortunately tend to worsen. 

Keep an eye on your property and be alert for unusual smells and rodents. It is possible to get help if the hoarding gets to the point that it is causing infestation, fire hazards, etc.  

Thanks Victoria.  Your insight is very beneficial. She has several cats that may be scaring rodents away, but  the problems as you point out, are layered and deep.

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