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Hey everyone,

I'm fuming at the moment and need some suggestions.

I own a condo which I plan to lease out either short or long term.  I found the perfect tenant, A++, privately.  As we filled out the paperwork for the lease, my neighbors dogs start going at it...literally for 15-20 mins straight.  The unit next to me has 2 dogs in it which I wasn't aware of and the one next to that has one.  The one next door with the two just bark and yell endlessly.  As he was signing the papers he backed out and basically advised that he can't handle the dogs and noise.  

I don't blame him, even I can't handle it and would never lease a place with such noise around.  I'm literally pissed.

I'm been living in the property since last summer and never heard them.  I did some digging and realized these people just moved in yesterday!! Great luck on my behalf.  They're tenants and signed a 1 year lease agreement.

I'm basically screwed...I can't lease, even sell if I wanted to with these dogs, they're costing me a ton of cash.

I got security to write up a letter to the general manager and office.  My question is, what else can be done, legally? The unit is in Toronto, ON, CAN.

Just want to hear from the pros and veterans on how to handle this, other than the actions I've already taken.


Can you complain (written/verbal) to the jurisdictions animal control unit or even the Home owners Association?

I live in a condo and the tenant next door (last summer) would always leave the dog tied on a small porch/patio area and the dog would bark non stop all hours of the day & night. I complained to the HOA not sure what the HOA did , but they are no longer there.

We don't have HOA here :( I wonder what the equivalent is here in CAN. We have the Canadian Condominium Institute which costs a yearly fee...I contacted them anyway. Great idea about Animal Control..done, case open. Anything else I'm missing? These dogs are costing me 2k a mth!

There maybe noise ordinances in the city/town that require them to control their dogs between certain hours (usually just at night). If they are barking during those hours then call the police.  It wouldn't immediately solve the problem but it could add to the pressure for them to control the dogs, get rid of them, or move. But if it helps sometimes animals just need to adjust to their new home before they settle down. Hope that's the case here. Good luck!

I would find out the contact info for the owner and complain to him. Surely there is a clause in the lease about noise and other disruptive behavior. 

Thanks for the responses!

Hopefully its a temp thing and gets rectified or they get kicked out asap, end result.  I just flew out for work travel and believe it or not they moved in the day after I flew out, or I would have dealt with this face to face..then again, probably wouldn't turn out pretty...but easier to deal with.

I'm going to try and get their contact info but I doubt it would be given out to me.  

I have the city investigating, property management, security, animal control, etc.  Lets hope for the best because this can't go on..

WOW! You have city investigating, property management, security, animal control, etc. over one incident on their first day of tenancy? That seems like a bit of overkill for what could be a short-term problem.

I disagree.  If you were in a financial situation and something similar happened, would you sit back and take it easy? I bet not.

The laws in Texas are much different than here....I know, I've lived there.  It may sound like overkill but down here, nothing gets tons.  The city doesn't care, they already responded basically saying so.  The property mgmt company wont do much, I realized from previous complaints by others.  Security just advises the property mgmt and does nothing.  Animal control sends a letter on how to properly care for your dog, nothing else.

In essence, not much has been done yet.  The owners of this unit are never home, hence why the animals are out of control and most likely starving to death.   I spoke with my other neighbor today and they told me it's been a general occurrence daily for a week.  I haven't been around to witness it.

At the end of the day, I need the issue rectified.

That's a pretty dicey situation to be in, unfortunately.

Although I love dogs in general, having constantly noisy dogs for neighbors is a deal-breaker, especially in an apartment environment. I get the usual stranger/alarm noise, or the so-happy-to-see-you noise, etc., but constant barking is another issue.

Just this weekend, we toured a house we really liked as a potential investment. We walked outside on the deck to check out the yard and the neighbor's 4 dogs were outside. One was barking & growling aggressively non-stop and an impressive jumper. We stayed out there for 10 mins, stood still, did not make eye contact - yet that one dog was losing his marbles. 

Needless to say, that was a no-deal.

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