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I've had properties where I have been unable to find good tenants for months.  Any suggestions???

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If you use the "Search the Site" box in the blue tab at the top, you will find many previous discussions on this topic. Also, note the "Related Discussions" at the bottom of the thread you started here.

To answer your question... you need to define your market niche; establish your rental criteria; develop a good ad and info sheets; advertise on line and in other places that work for your area; be ready to field the calls/replies; tenant screen well with questions that will help you quickly sift out the rift-raft from the real contenders; be prepared to do full background checks... for rental history, income stability, credit history, and legal history.

Also, if your properties have been sitting vacant for months, there is either a problem with the property or with the price. Make sure your property is a good value for the money and you should do fine. Check out what others are offering by browsing CraigsList and see how you compare.

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