Best Cloud based property management software

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I'm interested in finding a good cloud based property management system that must include some sort of electronic rent payment system. Time to move past the old rent check system  or direct deposit and move into a way to collect rents electronically. Must be cloud based so I can manage it while out of town.

A little further information - have less than 10 rental properties.

Depending on how big of a portfolio you want to go to there are many good ones out there. The 2 big ones are Appfolio and Propertyware. You may want to start there, they both have very good customer support to help you decide. We started off with a basic PM software first and then switched to Propertyware and it was very hard to undo and migrate our system over.

I would suggest starting with the right one first even if it has way more things then you need, the down the road migration can be brutal. I know!

Hi Steve,

I ruled out appfolio due to the cost of it at $2400 a year.  Probably a great system but I can't justify it at that cost.

Propertyware looks like it has potential, does anyone know what the fees are?

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