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My tenant is a long haul trucker. He already wrote me a bad personal check so I had stipulated cash or money order for future payments.  He texted me he was on the road and that he would send me a Comdata check. I Goggled it and they are a service offered at truck stops. He paid to overnight the check and I called the 1-800 to verify the funds. However I was told the bank needs to call and get a verification code. They would not give the code to me. I also have to write my driver's license on the check. Seems like a lot of trouble and expense for all involved. Why not just overnight a money order ? Has anyone used or accepted payment this way ?

Sorry I'm late to the party on this... I drove a truck years ago and since I have been in the HD Truck Parts business. Freight companies often advance truckers their expenses in advance of their actual pay for a load. It is as good as cash and it isn't very easy  for an otr trucker to get anywhere but a truck stop when they are on the road, but they can simply transfer comdata money while they are on the road. 



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