Where to find all needed forms and documents for first rental property?

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I just purchased my first rental property. We should be ready to put it up for rent in two weeks so I need to get prepared with any and all forms that I will need. Application, Lease, Addendum's, Etc....

I found a website online that seems to have all of these if you pay a fee, ezlandlordforms.com. They have state specific forms so it should work. I'm just wondering if there are any other resources available? Or if anyone has ever used that site?

The property is located in Florida if anyone has any specific local resources.


Even if you had an application are you prepared to pull credit?  Have you got set up with NTN or other?  

I would suggest that you use a solid lease that's legal in your area.   A state lease might be a good start.  Did you purchase the property with a Realtor?  That Realtor may be able to give you a copy of the state contracts.   Ask some LOCAL landlords...   Every state is different.

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@Brian Louderback  you might want to find the local attorney (or two) that do the most evictions. They will likely have a "standard" lease that they feel comfortable defending.

I would suggest that you focus more efforts on advertising and finding quality tenants rather than having a stack of bullet proof forms. Read Brandon Turner's guide to screening tenants.

There might be a local landlord association that you could also join that may have a standard lease as well. 

As for forms that you might want. There is a Landlording book by Leigh Robinson that has every landlord form under the sun. Go to the library and check it out. If you think it's useful you can buy your own copy.

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@Brian Louderback  

Sit down with a local PM or apartment leasing office and get copies of their forms.  They will be standardized and provide most of what you are looking for.  Add to the lease if you want once you get the basic forms. 

There is a file resource center on the bigger pockets website. Check it out. All is free