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Currently, I'm using the residential lease from the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors. Can anyone give me their opinion on it and suggestions on a better one if there is one out there?

Some states (like mine) have lease with option regulations. @Steve Babiak may know if there is a 'good' way in PA to make this happen... or if there are state or local regulations that may impact a L/O in PA.

Are you looking for a better lease, or are you looking to do "lease with option to purchase"?  If the former, the PAR lease has everything in it for the realtor involved to be protected; whether that is sufficient for a landlord ....

I am using a lease I purchased from Don Beck; it's been a few years since he updated it, so we have to keep up with regulatory changes in some way. Brad Dornish is an attorney in the Pittsburgh area that offers his lease for sale over the Internet, and at a lower price than Don Beck's. 

Are your rentals in Del Co or are you also in Phila? In Phila, there are a bunch of Phila specific regulations to be complied with, so you would probably need to have a few addenda as well. 

Some of the big apartment complexes will have their leasing packet online, so you could download and see if they have included anything you might want to add; not all of those are "bullet proof" so you might not want to rely on those alone. 

For leae options, you start with a strong lease. 

if you are using a lease from an association of realtors you must be a realtor who is signed up with the board, i believe it is a great contract as it will have all the most up to date protection for all parties and be the most up to date with the laws in your state.

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