attorney contacted me regarding current tenant information, Do I respond?

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I just got home from work and checked out today's mail. I received a letter from an attorney regarding a tenant that has been with me for a year, to the date actually. The attorney is asking me to fill out a 3 question form. The questions are confirming that the tenant lives at the address. The second is asking to provide their telephone number and the third is to provide their employment number. 

I looked up the attorney's name and found the law firm she works for and their website. She is a "post-judgement collection specialist". When they applied, I spoke with the complex manager with the permission of the tenant. The manager said confirmed they checked  out well but said hey had not given notice that they were moving. That property was an apartment building and they now live in the lower of a duplex. If I remember  correctly they did mention that they didn't enjoy apartment life with so many close neighbors and the property wasn't maintained as well as it should. I imagine that they broke the lease, the landlord kept their security deposit and probably charged them for me damages. I do recall the tenants mentioning that the landlord is going them for $1,000, in the last month or two. I did look up the tenant's record again and see only a speeding ticket so there doesn't appear to be an active judgement or even a court case regarding this.

The tenant has always paid on time and does well enough with care of the property. They have expressed interest in a lease renewal which is up at the end of April. So what would you do in this scenario. Would you reply to the letter from the attorney? Would you ask the tenant about it and offer advice to see if the past landlord is taking advantage (I see this enough and have helped a couple folks).

it's just a bill collector, I wouldn't get involved.

WHAT letter??!! Exactly LOL

Is this a certified letter signed or just some junk letter an attorney is sending out to you??

Wouldn't even respond or give out any information without a court order.

It's not your issue. Wouldn't even respond and would put it in file 13 ( trash can ). If they call and hound you for information send them a ( cease and desist letter ). 

No legal advice given.

I think it will go unanswered. It doesn't benefit me to have a current tenant be hassled and I don't know enough about the circumstance and don't really care to to get involved. Thanks for the imput.

Tell the attorney you bill information out at $250 per :)

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