Costa Hawkins questions - San Francisco

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We've got a house with apt. below. Rented it 4 years ago to four students (mistake #1). Only 1 is left. We fully believe he's no longer living there, has converted (not structurally) it from a 3-bdrm to a 5-bdrm and is renting them all out making a tidy profit. Rent is paid on time & is about $500-600 below market. We want him out but proving he doesn't live there is tough. SF is so tenant-friendly, he could ask sub-tenants to corroborate that he lives there, otherwise they'd all have to move. How to go about proving this and making sure we prevail? Thanks.

aaaaaaah yes - one of the wonderful benefits of being a landlord in tenant friendly San Francisco.  I wouldn't wish it upon anyone, or consider it myself.

Call your local assemblymember to VOTE NO on AB 1506 and protect homeowner and property rights.

Protect condominiums, houses and newer buildings from RENT CONTROL

Protect your property from expansions in rent control like the notorious LAHD HCIDLA (new LAHD that they changed the name for due to scandals and spending tax dollar money ) REAP Rent Control

Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles HACLA Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles


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